What are the cons of starting a Water Damage Restoration Business?

Whether it is clogged drains, broken pipes, or leaks from the toilet, water damage comes in all shapes and sizes.

Starting this business can help you make a lot of money, and as rewarding as this may sound, there are some obstacles that you may face while starting out, but which business doesn’t?

Do not worry! In this article on what are the cons of starting a Water Damage Restoration Business, we are going to fill you in with all the challenges that you may face and ways to deal with them. So let us begin!


Cons Of Starting A Water Damage Restoration Business

Here are some of the cons of starting a water damage restoration business:

1. Payment issues

Payment issues

Many homeowners opt for home insurance, and water damage restoration is often covered in it. So if that’s the case, then you will not get paid by your client directly and will have to bill the insurance company.

Now, if the insurance is proper and does not have any loopholes in it, then getting payment from the insurance company wouldn’t be a problem.

But if there is any loophole, then you might have to struggle a little to get the payment.

To avoid this, we suggest you to get a contract made by an attorney and give it to your client, making sure that they understand everything that’s implied in it.

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2. On-Demand Service

On-Demand Service

Water damage situation can arise at any time of the day, and when that happens, you got to be available for your potential client or existing client.

This is not a nine-to-five job; if you have a water damage restoration business, then you need to be available 24×7 for 365 days which means you might not get to spend time with your family or would miss out on a lot of personal things.

This could be especially challenging when you are just starting out, but building a team and making them work in rotational shifts over time can help you deal with this challenge.

3. Tackling Mold Is the Biggest Challange

Mold Is A Problem

Mold is a critical problem and can cause dangerous health hazards, which is why it is important to deal with it.

Now, many states do not allow a water damage restorer to do mold inspection and require a licensed mold inspector to carry this out.

It means you might have to wait for the mold inspector to deal with the mold first, or you might have to bring along or hire a mold inspector, which might add to your expenses.

4. Profitable Billing

Billing Customers

If you are new to this field, then you need to learn how to bill your customers right in order to make good profits. For this, you can hire an accountant or choose to do it yourself.

Also, as mentioned earlier, water damage business owners rely a lot on insurance and deal with insurance companies on a regular basis.

So obviously, it is important that you bill them correctly so that you receive your money on time and fairly.

Now hiring an accountant will add to your expenditure, and if you are new to this, you might struggle a little with it.

5. Uncertainty In Demand

Uncertainty In Demand

Water damage services are in high demand, usually during the summer, spring, and winter seasons. Then again, the weather is another important factor that affects demand.

So there might be times when the demand would be overwhelming for you, and they are going to be dry days or even months when you will not have any work to do.

During the dry days, you will still need to pay your team, and during demanding days you will have no time for your family and will need a lot of energy to cater to the extensive demand.

So there is always a lot of uncertainty in demand in this business, and you need to find a way to balance it all.

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Mistakes to Avoid When Starting a Water Damage Restoration Business

Wrap Up

Just like any other business, a water damage restoration business also obviously has some cons, but they are not as stringent or hindering, and you can most definitely still go for this business and find a way to deal with these problems in the best way possible.

We hope you find this article on what are the cons of starting a Water Damage Restoration Business helpful and would strive for the challenges to grow your business.


Is Water Damage Restoration Business profitable?

Yes, this business is very profitable, and you can keep a profit margin as high as 40-70%.

What is the amount of investment required to start a Water Damage Restoration Business?

The investment amount that you will need to start a water damage restoration business can range between $41,889 to $294,984.

How huge is the water damage restoration industry?

Water Damage Restoration is a $210 trillion industry.

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