What Are the Smart Features In a TV?

The televisions we use in our households have been developing extremely fast, and new varieties are always coming into the market.

We first had the big televisions of massive size, and then they started to get smaller in size, thinner, and also smarter. Now, most TVs have smart features in them.

They are also called Smart TVs. We will examine these smart features and talk about what are smart features in a TV.


What is a Smart TV?

Firstly, for a TV to have smart features, it has to be a Smart TV. Smart TVs have smart features built-in without you having to do anything.

These smart features allow you to use your television just like a computer, thanks to an operating system on it or with different technology.

These smart features include using YouTube, social media, the internet, and many other things.

Some can even offer compatibility with different software like Alexa App. These Smart TVs have a variety of sizes and features that you can opt for.

There are many different sizes of TVs available with smart features, but the top three sizes are 32 inches, 40 inches, and 50 inches. Each size has its own benefits and drawbacks, so it’s important to choose the right one for your needs.

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Smart Features in a TV

There are many different things that you can have as smart features in a TV. These vary a lot, and the television’s technology might offer more or fewer features.

However, there are certain smart features that every smart TV has, such as streaming services, the internet, YouTube, and some more.

  • Stream On-Demand Content

The first thing and probably one of the most important smart features in a TV is the ability to stream on-demand content.

This could be streaming services such as Netflix, Prime Video, or any other, or renting a movie or a TV show through the web store on the television.

This could also include sports or any other thing that you’d like to watch.

  • Surf the Internet

You can also use the internet and wander around on different websites that you wish with either a virtual keyboard or a keyboard on your remote control. You can visit any website you wish.

  • Use YouTube

There are also built-in YouTube applications as a smart feature in TVs. You can open up YouTube and watch videos through it by using the application the TV has.

  • Listen to Music

You can also optimize YouTube for music listening or download music listening applications such as Spotify or Apple Music. Most web stores of smart TVs offer these applications.

  • Social Media

Lastly, you can surf through social media either by utilizing the browser you have or by downloading certain social media applications like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and many more others.

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The Verdict

Televisions have gone through many different developments in their technologies, and they were always to support our lives in a better way.

One of those developments is to bring smart features to the televisions, such as web browsers, YouTube applications, ability to stream on-demand content or social media applications.

These smart features are a must-have in most smart televisions, and they are considered smart features.

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