What Is 360-Degree Hot Air Circulation?

Air fryers have brought a big revolution in the world of home kitchens.

They provide a new way of cooking food and making it taste as though it was fried, but they don’t require the use of any oil.

They Exploit hot air and a 360-degree air circulation system. Let’s find out more about that.

What Is 360-Degree Hot Air Circulation?

How Air Fryers Cook Food Without Oil

As mentioned, air fryers are called that because they provide a result that makes food taste as though it was fried. However, the food isn’t technically fried because air fryers don’t use any oil.

The reason why they are called air fryers is that they only use air. In particular, they use fluxes of hot air – at the highest temperature – blown into the cooking chamber.

In the cooking chamber, the food is placed in a basket with many halls so that there are as fewer obstacles as possible between the food and the air. 

If air fryers exploit air, how are they different from ovens?

The air blown in the chamber of an air fryer reaches a temperature a lot higher than the one reached inside a hoven.

That’s why the food cooked with an air fryer doesn’t taste like food cooked in a hoven.

However, there is also another feature that contributes to cooking the food so peculiarly. It’s the air circulation system.

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360 Hot Air Circulation

Inside a hoven, there is some air circulation. However, it is not directed.

Inside the hoven, there is a vent. With its spinning, the vent spreads the hot air all over the chamber, but it doesn’t move.

Inside an air fryer’s chamber, the hot air is blown so that it creates a circle.

It’s called a 360-degree circulation because the flux of air shapes a sort of ring that surrounds the food so that it can be uniformly cooked.

This simulates what happens when you fry food in oil: ideal frying is made when the food is completely immersed in oil so that the oil is all around the food uniformly.

Inside the air fryer, the same is obtained not with oil but with hot air, and that’s thanks to the 360-degree air circulation system.

When you purchase your new air fryer, make sure it is equipped with a system: it makes the cooking more efficient.

The machine will reach the needed temperature faster, the food is cooked quicker, and you’ll need to keep the air fryer on for a shorter time: it all means saving some money on your electricity bill at the end of the month!

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