What is a Fax Number?

Wondering what a Fax number is? We got you!

In the present era of rapidly growing technology and lighting fast communication channels, fax machines may seem outdated, and many young people have never even heard about it, nor they are aware of how this technology works. 

Faxing requires a fax number, but only a few people know what exactly is the fax number and how is it different from a phone number?

Today, we’ll discuss everything you need to know about fax numbers and why you need them. Let’s get started!

What is a Fax Number?
What is a Fax Number?

Fax Number 

A fax number is the same as a telephone number, but it is used for the transmission of scanned printed material, both images, and text, via phone line.

A Fax number is used to connect with a fax machine, fax server, or an online fax provider to send and receive documents. 

Fax numbers are typically defined based on their format and the number of digits. A fax number is provided either by phone companies or an online fax service provider.

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How Long is the Fax Number? 

Fax numbers could have different lengths and formats depending on: 

  • The location of the fax receiver
  • The country you are faxing to 

If you are faxing inside your country, the fax number code usually has three digits, but if you are faxing to another country, the fax number will be longer with additional digits known as “exit codes.” The exit codes are based on the receiver’s and sender’s country. 

What is the main difference between a phone number and a Fax number? 

A phone number and a fax number have many similarities, but they are also quite different from each other.

It uses a phone number to communicate with others by voice, while a fax number is used to send or receive documents over the telephone. 

Another prominent difference between these two is the fax tone. When you dial the phone number, you hear a regular ringtone, while when you dial a fax number, you will hear a fax tone.

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How to Use Fax Numbers to Send Faxes?

Fax numbers are necessary to send a fax through machines, emails, or online faxing apps. Here is how you can use fax numbers in different faxing methods as per your convenience:

Fax Machine 

  1. Turn on the fax machine and place the document face up in the feeder.
  2. Dial the fax number just like you dial a phone number with the required codes. 
  3. Click Send.

Online Faxing Services

  1. Go to the online app or service and upload the document you want to fax.
  2. Type in your message in the subject field, and enter the fax number in the “To” field without any dashes, signs, pulses, or parentheses. 
  3. Don’t forget to type 011 if you are sending the document internationally. 
  4. Click send 

Email Faxing

  1. Register yourself on the online faxing service.
  2. Create an email account and attach the documents you want to fax. 
  3. Type the fax number in the “To” field, followed by the online service provider extension.
  4. Click send

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