What Is A Nesting Broil Rack?

Want to know what is a Nesting Broil rack? Keep reading!

Air fryers are quite a novelty in the kitchen tools market, and yet they are developing at light speed.

Every month there is an important update to these devices, and if you purchase one today, you obtain a kitchen tool that can do a lot more than simply “fry” your food without oil.

What Is A Nesting Broil Rack?

Key Takeaways

  • A nesting broil rack is a simple rack that you place inside the fryer with the food in it.
  • The holes in the broil rack ensure even cooking.
  • Some broil racks can be used to even steam the food.
  • It is important to clean the broil rack after cooking to maintain the health of the air fryer and yourself.

Can You Grill Food inside An Air Fryer?


Yes, you can. For those of you who didn’t know, the technology of air fryers is such that it also allows obtaining a result just like grilling.

This is obtained with hot air (up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit) circulating inside the cooking chamber evenly thanks to a fan.

On Ninja air fryers (one of the most popular brands), this type of technology is called cyclonic grilling technology.

Air fryers also have a smoke control system so that you don’t have smoke escaping the cooking pot, and you can grill without smoke (which would be impossible without such devices). 1

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What Else Do you Need To Grill Your Food With An Air Fryer?


Other than the air fryer equipped with the grilling option, you might need a nesting broil rack. 

This is a simple rack, usually circular and very small, that can be placed inside the air fryer’s cooking chamber.

To grill your food, you just need to place it on the rack and select the grilling option from the display. 2

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How is Ninja’s Nesting Broil Rack Different?

Some racks have a double function, as it happens for Ninja’s.

Ninja’s nesting racks can be used on both sides: one is to obtain a grilling type of cooking, and the other is to steam your food. 

With this simple tool, that is, your air fryer becomes even more versatile.

Do Racks Come With The Air Fryers?

All air fryers do not come with an included nesting rack, so you’ll need to check before purchase.

If it’s not included, you can always purchase it separately; however, in this case, you should pay attention to purchase a rack that is compatible with your air fryer: in particular, you need to check the dimensions (height and diameter) to make sure the rack can fit the cooking chamber of your air fryer.

Why Cleaning the Nesting Rack is Important?


It’s highly important that you clean your nesting rack after every use; however, cleaning an air fryer rack is quicker and easier than washing any other kitchen tool because no oil has been used, and encrusted dirt is hardly formed.

Cleaning the rack is important not only for a matter of hygiene but also for the “health” of your air fryer: because it uses a powerful fan to let hot air circulate, any debris, if it’s not removed, would go all over the cooking chamber, causing a lot of noise and possible damage.

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Air fryers are more than devices that can healthy fry your food. Thanks to small and cheap tools like a nesting rack they can become even more versatile.


Where to place the air fryer?

The air fryer should be placed on a heat-resistant counter top and should have some space left behind it for the ventilation to work properly.

How is broil different from air fry function in air fryers?

The Air fry function distributes the heat uniformly and cooks the food from all sides, while the broil function heats the food directly on top so that it achieves a crispy layer on top.

Is it necessary to use the rack in an air fryer?

It is not necessary to do so, but a rack allows the food to get cooked evenly and to achieve an even crispy texture.

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