What is a power recliner?

Wondering what is a Power Recliner? we got you! There are many different armchairs available in the market.

Among them, recliners are certainly the most comfortable, and – among recliners – the absolute best for comfort and usability are power recliners. But what are they?

In this article, we’ll go into every detail of what a power recliner is. If you are deciding of purchasing a new armchair… you definitely need to read this article first!


Key Takeaways

  • Power recliners work on an electric mechanism.
  • Power recliners come with a Dashboard or remote that lets you control their settings.
  • Because of the presence of motor power, recliners are more adjustable than manual ones.
  • Power recliners are more expensive than manual recliners.

What is a recliner?

Before discussing what a power recliner is, let’s make sure that we all agree on what a recliner is.

Recliners are armchairs whose backrests can slide backward and whose footrests can lift up. This makes it easy for the person sitting on it to reach a lying position.

The angle to which the backrest can slide back can be regulated, and the maximum angle can be different from chair to chair.

The best recliners are those that allow you to take different positions: sitting, slightly backward to read or watch TV, and horizontal to rest and sleep.

There are also recliners that, other than sliding back, can lift the seat up: these are suitable for any person who has difficulties getting up (for example, an old person or someone recovering from an injury). 1

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What is a power recliner?

power recliner

How can you change your position on a recliner? There is, of course, a mechanism that the person who is sitting on the armchair can activate more or less easily.

This mechanism can be manual or electric. Power recliners are those that have an electric mechanism.

Power recliners are usually provided with a small dashboard that the person sitting can easily reach on the side of the armchair or a remote. The remote is always more convenient because the person can see what they’re pressing and what they’re doing. 2

How do power recliners work?

Other than a mechanism, power recliners are also provided with a small motor. You can select the position you’d like to reach with the remote or dashboard.

The motor would put into work and move the mechanism to reach the desired position.

Thanks to the presence of the motor, power recliners are more adjustable than manual ones, meaning that you can adjust the position exactly where you want instead of having preset positions. 

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Advantages and disadvantages of power recliners

Advantages and disadvantages of power recliners

There are tons of advantages to having a power recliner in place of a manual one: 

  • Activating the manual mechanism can require some strength that some people (old people or injured people) may not have;
  • A power recliner makes you 100% independent: even an injured or old person wouldn’t need help to change position or move around
  • You don’t have to lean sideways to reach the mechanism.

There is also, however, a disadvantage when we speak about power recliners: it’s their price. Power recliners, compared to manual ones, are more expensive.

However, the advantages they bring – especially if you’re purchasing the power recliner for someone with mobility issues – are so many that they are worth the additional expense. 3

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How Much Does A Power Recliner Cost?


Power recliner chairs comes with different types of features like headrest, USB charging station, lumbar support, etc. The cost of power recliner varies based on what feature you want. You can find power recliner chairs in three price categories mainly:

  • Good Quality: $600-$800
  • Better Quality: $800-$999
  • Best Quality: $1199+

What to do If Your Power Recliner Stops Working?

Power Vs. Manual Recliner

The basic difference between a power and a manual recliner is that a power recliner comes with a motor by pressing which you can get into a reclining position. Whereas a manual recliner comes with a lever, and to get into the reclining position, you need to pull it yourself & create some pressure.

So which one is better? Here’s a detailed pros & cons guide for you.

Wrap Up

Power recliners are great for just lying down and enjoying your favorite movie or a book without putting any effort. You can even simply sleep on it; it is perfect for those lazy days when you simply want to relax. Power recliners come with a lot of benefits, and if money is not an issue for you, then you should definitely buy one for yourself.


Do I need to plug in a power recliner?

This depends on what kind of power recliner you have. If your power recliner is battery-operated, then you can enjoy the reclining features from anywhere, and if it comes with a power cord, then you will have to plug it in. 4

Do all power recliners have manual override?

No, not all power recliners have a manual override feature, and forcing the recliner in any way can damage it. It is best to go through the instruction manual thoroughly to avoid unintentional damage. 5

Can I manually recline a power recliner?

Power recliners come with motors that do all the moving in the chair, so no, you cannot and shouldn’t recline a power recliner manually.

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