What Is A Pre-Programmed Function?

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Air fryers are great tools for a lot of reasons: they are cleaner than traditional cooking devices, they allow you to cook your food in the healthiest way, and they also allow people who can’t cook at all to obtain amazing results.

Why? Because, if you want, they can’t do anything by themselves. But let’s go more deeply into the details.


Key Takeaways

  • You can cook food in an air fryer with very little or no oil.
  • Many air fryers come with pre-set options for temperature and time.
  • Air fryers come with a manual or cookbook, which helps in getting the hang of it.
  • The cookbook also contains the indication of the amount of food you should cook at a time.

The Science Behind How Air Fryers Works

Air fryers work by blowing heated air (brought hat high temperatures) into the cooking chamber.

Fans let the air circulate all around the food that is located in a holed basket so that it is evenly in contact with the hot air.

This is the basic principle, but how do you actually use your new air fryer? 1

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How To Use An Air Fryer?

Some users wonder if they need at least some oil to cook their food in the air fryer.

This is actually optional: if you want, you can put a little amount of oil on your food, but it’s not essential.

The first step would be to put the food inside the cooking chamber and then close the chamber. Not it’s time to set up the device.

Easy Way to Set Up Your Air Fryer

Set Up The Air Fryer

Most air fryers allow for different cooking methods (rarely, an air fryer is merely a fryer, it usually allows you to grill, for example, or even steam).

Usually, the more expensive the air fryer is, the highest number of different options it has.

You have two main possibilities: if you are an expert cook and have some experience with air fryers’ usage, you can simply set up a temperature and a time.

But what about if you know nothing about cooking or air fryers? 2

What is the Role of Pre-Programmed Functions?

Many air fryers feature at least some pre-programmed functions. These are pre-set options for temperature and time so that all you need to do is to place the food in the chamber and select the program.

How can you select the right program?


When air fryers feature different cooking methods and pre-programmed functions, they always come with a sort of manual, that is, at the end of the day, a cookbook.

This is where you can find the program you need to set according to the food you need to cook and the result you want to obtain. 

The cookbook would also contain the indication for the amount of food you should cook at a time.

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With air fryers and pre-programmed functions, you can finally cook your food at home even if you’ve never done it before and even if you hate to do so.

These devices take care of anything by themselves; you don’t need expertise, talent, or anything.

Air fryers offer the possibility to start eating healthier and cleaner by cooking your food at home without using any oil.

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How many presets does an air fryer has??

Ideally, an air fryer has eight presets, including- French fries, steak, grilled cheese, potatoes, fish, chicken, and chicken wings. But it could have more presets too.

What different types of setting does an air fryer has?

You can find these settings on air fryer:

  • Air fry
  • Bake
  • Dehydrate
  • Roast
  • Broil
  • Reheat

Can I put raw meat in air fryer?

Yes, you can put raw meat in air fryer for 5-10 minutes depending on what kind of meat you are cooking.

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