What is a tent? And what is tent camping?

Wondering what is a tent? and what is tent camping? Keep reading!

Most of us know what camping is, but those who have never gone have doubts about many aspects of it. For example, many people don’t realize what is a tent, how is it made, and what are the available types. 

In this article, we’re letting all the myths about tents and tent camping fall.


What is a tent?

What is a tent

A tent is a portable shelter that has the main skeleton and canvas walls. Camping tents also have floors so that no, tent campers do not sleep on the ground. The tent floor, however, is made of the same canvas – maybe a little thicker – than the walls, so it’s basically like staying on the floor.

Inside a tent, there can be various spaces that campers refer to as rooms. Rooms can be divided from one another by canvas and zips. 

Tents usually have at least one door that you can open and close with a zip both from the outside and the inside.

Bigger tents also have windows that campers can open or close according to the temperature, humidity, presence of smoke, or other factors.

Some tents, last but not least, also have a venting system to let the air go out more easily: for winter tents that are often heated, this is particularly important.

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What type of tent is there?

There are different types of tents available out there, the big difference between them being the dimensions and season. 

Summer camping requires less care: you can buy any tent of the dimension you need.

For winter camping, instead, you want to buy a thick tent made from an insulating material.

You also want to have a venting system, or at least windows that you can open to let any gas or vapor go out or to allow for air circulation when you have the heating system on.

What is tent camping?

What is tent camping

Tent camping, you may already know, is a form of recreation or vacation where people build a shelter with their tent and live and sleep outside. 

These are of two main types:

  • Nowadays, the most common way of going on tent camping is renting a space on a structure that provides camping services. These structures, other than the space to build your tent, also provide services like bathrooms and showers, but also wi-fi, a swimming pool, and more.
  • True tent campers, however, are those who pack their backpack, bring their tent on their shoulder, and they walk in nature, find a place to rest, build their tent, and all the services they need are provided by nature and the environment.

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Types of Camping Tents

Different Types of Tent Camping

Did you know there is not one but different types of tent camping? Let us have a look at them:

1. Backpacking

This is the most popular type of tent camping. In this type, a person usually carries a tent, hikes towards their destination, and plants the tent there.

This type of camping is good for taking a break from the city or your routine. Hiking the trail means you get to do some physical activity.

This type of camping can be done alone or with your friends or family.

2. Car Camping

In this type, you drive up to the camping destination instead of hiking towards it all the way.

Once you reach your destination, you can either plant your tent outside, or you can even buy a car tent and plant it in your car! This type of camping ensures more comfort and privacy.

3. Backyard Camping

If you have a big and beautiful backyard, then you can also do backyard camping. Yes, although this does not match the thrill of backpacking and camping in the wilderness.

But it is a great way to treat your kids, especially if, for some reason, you cannot go to an actual campsite.

Can I go camping without a tent?

Yes, you could rent or buy an RV, which is basically a portable small house and go camping with it.

You’ll have more comforts, and you can move from one place to another more quickly, but you won’t be sleeping under the stars, which is the biggest nuance of tent camping.

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Mistakes New Campers Make

What are Tent Camping Essentials?

Without proper camping essentials your trip can turn into a nightmare, and so here’s a list of all the tent camping essentials that you will need:

  1. Tent
  2. Pocket Knife
  3. Sleeping Bag
  4. Fire Starter
  5. Toilet Paper
  6. Water Bottle
  7. First Aid Kid
  8. Weather-Appropriate Clothing
  9. Map, Compass or GPS
  10. Rain Gear (if necessary)
  11. Flashlight, Head Lamp or Lantern

Wrapping Up

Camping in a tent is a great way to have some quality time with your spouse or kids or to even have some peaceful time with yourself.

We hope this guide helps you understand what is a tent and what is tent camping.


How to stay safe in a tent?

Here are a few things that you can do to stay safe while camping:

  • Find a good camping spot, avoid slopes, too much proximity to water bodies, mountain or hill tops, camping near animal’s natural habitat, etc.
  • Look for RV sites.
  • Carry camping essentials.
  • Zip up your camp at night.

What is the differnce between an RV site and tent campsite?

RV sites offer many amenities like toilets, electrical boards, drinking water connections, etc.

Whereas, tent campsites offer much more facilities such as laundry facility, wifi connection, etc.

Do I need a tent for backpacking?

No, you do not specifically need a tent for backpacking, but if you are planning to stay overnight or for some days, then you will need some kind of shelter to sleep and stay protected.

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