What Is A Warranty?

When you purchase an air purifier, you may come across some warranty information. It’s always a good sign!

However, what is a warranty, and how is it different from a guarantee? Let’s find it out in our article.


Key Takeaways

  • A warranty card or paper contains the warranty length and limitations to the terms & conditions.
  • A warranty usually lasts for a year or two.
  • A warranty does not cover all damages.
  • The limitations are included in the warranty paper that you will get with your air purifier or any other product.

Warranty: What Is It?

What is warranty

A warranty is a type of guarantee that a manufacturer can make regarding the condition of its product.

A warranty is a paper, and this paper also includes the terms and situations in which repairs or exchanges will be made if the product does not function as originally described or intended.

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How Does It Work?

A warranty is a piece of paper. However, it is a very important document because it provides information about the following:

  • The warranty length
  • The limitation to the conditions in which a manufacturer will be obligated to rectify a problem

The Warranty Length

A warranty also has a certain length. For domestic appliances, it is usually 2 years, but it could also be 1 year long.

But what does it mean that the warranty on your air purifier is, for example, one year long?

It means that if you experience any malfunction on your device within one year from the day of purchasing, the manufacturer is accounted responsible for it.

Therefore, the replacement or repair is charged to the manufacturer, and you won’t have to pay anything.

Types of Warranty

  • Express Warranty – The manufacturer or the seller expresses this type of guarantee, and in case of any defects, the manufacturers provide a replacement.
  • Implied Warranty – This type of guarantee covers the product in the way it is designed, and it does not need to be expressed to be valid.
  • Extended Warranty – This type of warranty is offered for expensive products such as cars, appliances, etc. And this type of warranty is taken care of by the manufacturer instead of the seller.

The Limitation To The Warranty


But what does it mean that a warranty can have limitations? 

Not all damage is covered by the warranty. For example, if your air purifier gets broken because you let it falls down the stairs, in this case, the damage is your fault, and you’ll need to pay for the repair.

The condition under which the damage is considered “your fault”, and therefore you’ll be charged for the repair are indicated in the warranty paper, and these are called “limitations.”

Should You Pick An Air Purifier With A Long-Period Warranty?

Of course, you should! Not only the warranty will cover potential damage, but it can also be considered a sign of the quality of the device.

If a manufacturer puts on the market a product that is not durable, it’ll hardly provide a long warranty.

On the contrary, if a device has a long-period warranty, it means that the manufacturer is pretty sure that the product will last longer than that!

Where Can You Find The Warranty Paper?

Warranty Paper

The air purifier’s box or product description usually includes only the indication of the length of the warranty.

The limitations are included in the warranty paper that is inside the air purifier’s package (it is usually a short booklet or included in the user manual).

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When you purchase an air purifier, you have many aspects to take into account. Not only the performance of the device but also the certifications and warranty.

Between two air purifiers that have similar characteristics, always pick the one with a longer warranty.

Not only you’ll be covered for longer, but it’s usually a sign of better durability of the device itself.

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What comes under warranty?

Usually any defect caused by a manufacturer comes under warranty. A warranty may also cover anything extra as mentioned in your warranty terms and conditions.

How many times can I use warranty?

You can use your warranty card for replacements as long as your warranty period is valid.

Can the manufacturer deny warranty?

It can be denied if the damage is not covered under the terms and conditions or if the defect is outside of the manufacturer’s coverage.

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