What Is A Yurt Tent?

What is a yurt tent? Even if you’ve never heard of them, you may have seen them, and maybe you’ve even slept in one of those… without knowing they were called yurt tents.

Yurt tents are, simply put, circular tents. You can recognize yurt tents from their shape, but they have features that can make your camping in them a lot more comfortable.

According to Wikipedia, Yurts take between 30 min-3 hours to set up or take down & 5-15 people to build. Let’s keep reading to more about these interesting tents!

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History of Yurt Tents

History of Yurt Tents

Yurt Tents are not a new invention, in fact, they have been in use for the last 3000 years. It is known that nomadic tribes were the first ones to use yurt tents.

Yurt tents have been a part of many cultures and are known by different names in different places.

For example, Russians use the word “yurt” for yurt tents, whereas Mongolians use the word” ‘ger.”

The association of circular yurt tents goes back to Mongolia, and their leader, Gengis khan, once ruled the region from his massive yurt tent.

In fact, 60% of people in the capital of Mongolia, Ulaanbaatar, still live in yurt tents.


Interesting Structure of Yurt Tents


Yurt tents have different structures from all other tents. While they have an outside framework made from poles and sticks, yurt tents usually have a central pole with a peaked roof.

The sides usually hold their shape with guidelines made of simple rope, but they don’t have an outer skeleton.

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Are Yurt Tents expensive?

Yurt tents can be more expensive than other camping tents because they are bigger. However, their price would vary according to their dimensions.

An extremely small yurt tent could cost between $100 and $200, but they can reach a price of $1000 and more when they are very big.

How Are Modern Yurt Tents Made?

How is Modern Yurt Tents Made

Modern Yurt Tents, be they movable, permanent, or temporary, all have the same basic structure.

You can get a customized yurt tent. You can choose different construction materials such as ash, chestwood, etc., or you can get it covered by more breathable fabric, etc.

So yes, the basic structure of all yurt tents, be they old or modern, remains the same as other things, such as material and quality. Fabric, etc., are all the differentiating factors.


How to Put up a Yurt Tent?

How Big Can Yurt Tents Be?

Well, yurt tents can be very big. You can throw a party or a wedding under a yurt tent.

When it comes to parties, however, there are usually several yurt tents located all around the party area. Having small yurt tents is more secure in case of strong wind.

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Advantages Of Yurt Tents

Yurt tents can be more comfortable than others because:

  • They are higher so that you can stay standing in them. You can bring tables and chairs in them.
  • They are more ventilated than other tents, so the environment inside the tent is healthier and more pleasant.
  • They can be used for camping but also for parties, weddings, and more. They are very versatile.
  • Windows can be very wide so that you can easily enhance ventilation when needed.

Disadvantages of Yurt Tents

Just like any other tent, yurt tents too have their disadvantages. The two most common disadvantages of Yurt tents are:

  • Because of the big size of yurt tents, it is difficult for a single person to set them up. If you are out camping in the wild, then a traditional tent will be a more suitable option.
  • Another disadvantage of a yurt tent is that they do not provide a lot of insulation, and if you are using it in cold weather, then you will most likely freeze. This is because of the big size of the yurt tent. The smaller your tent, the more it will stay warm, and vice versa.


Are Yurt Tents Suitable For Camping?

Are Yurt Tents Suitable For Camping

As we’ve mentioned, yurt tents are more comfortable than standard tents. However, when you think about camping, there are other factors to consider.

If you need to bring your tent with you in your backpack or car, yurt tents aren’t suitable at all.

If yurt tents have a limit is that they are, yes, portable, but it’s not easy or convenient to bring them around.

On the contrary, if you need to build up a camp that is going to stay up for the summer, for example, then the stability and comfort of yurt tents will be the most suitable for this purpose.

You may be spending a little more time setting the camp up, but it’ll be on another level if you compare it to a camp set up with standard tents.

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Where Can I Buy Yurt Tents?

Many people wonder where they can buy yurt tents because common camping stores sometimes don’t have them.

Our recommendation is to take a look online: you could purchase one online or at a local store. It is also possible to rent them, and it’s also possible to pay for a set-up service.

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Living in Yurt Full Time

Yes, you can indeed live in a yurt for life, given that the construction of your yurt is done by using durable and extremely high-quality materials to stand the test of time and endure different weather conditions.

You can customize the yurt as per your preference and comfort. You can have a bathroom, suitable ventilation, rooms, a kitchen, and basically, almost everything that is essential for a living.

Alternatives of Yurt Tents

If for any reason you do not want to buy a yurt tent exactly, but something similar, then here are three options for you:

  • Family Tent: Tents are available in all varieties of sizes right, from single-person tents to 12-person tents. So if you do not want to buy a yurt tent but still want something that can cater to your large family, then you can go for a family tent.
  • Tipi Tent: Tipi tents look somewhat similar to yurt tents, and even they come in a variety of sizes. You can choose to buy canvas or nylon material for the tipi tent.
  • Canvas Tent: These tents are a great replacement, especially for canvas yurt tents. Canvas tents come in a wide variety of sizes and designs and have good weatherproofing and space.

Wrapping Up

Yurt tents are not a new invention; they have been here for thousands of years now and clearly are still very popular owing to the amenities and comfort it is able to provide even outdoors- a home away from home.

We hope you found this article on what is a Yurt Tent useful.


Is a yurt tent fit for me?

If you have a large family and are going camping for a week or longer, then a yurt tent is fit for you.

On the other hand, if you are going camping only for a few days and that too in the cold region, then you should opt for a traditional tent.

How long does a yurt tent last?

If you use good quality material, durable frames that can withstand different temperatures, etc., then your yurt tents can last for 10 years or more.

Why are yurt tents so popular for camping?

Yurt tents are popular because of the vast array of features it offers. Because of the huge size of these tents, they can accommodate many more people.

If you are planning to stay outdoors for more than a week, then you can enjoy your trip without leaving the comfort.

You can have a kitchen, bathroom, beds, etc., in it and enjoy your trip in luxury.

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