What Is Alexa Compatible TV?

There are a lot of voice-controlled technologies nowadays, and they are increasing with better developments.

They first came out with our mobile phones and as separate devices, and now they are in our televisions.


One of those technologies that work so well with most televisions and have its own device is Alexa. Alexa is software that works with many devices, including televisions.

But your television must be an Alexa Compatible TV. We will talk about what Alexa Compatible TV is and how it works.

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What Is Alexa Compatible TV?

Alexa-compatible TV means literally televisions that are compatible with Alexa in one way or another. This could be via downloading the software or already built-in to the device.

On both of these occasions, televisions work compatible with the Alexa software. This allows you to voice control nearly everything on your television.

From increasing or decreasing the volume to changing channels with a command, you can do anything you want if your television is compatible with the Alexa software.

If the TV does not have built-in Alexa, you can either download the app or use Amazon Echo.

Both scenarios require a microphone either in the television or in the remote control (or in your Amazon Echo) for you to control the Alexa.

How Do They Work?

Once you download Alexa to your Alexa-compatible television or you activate Alexa on your television with built-in Alexa, you will be able to use Alexa right away with your voice.

All you need to know is the voice control commands that Alexa will respond to. You can say “change the channel to X” or “increase the volume,” and Alexa will do it for you.

This is the main idea behind Alexa, and that’s how it works. You can also control Alexa via your remote control if you want to change different settings on Alexa.

There are a few different size options for TVs with Alexa built-in, but the most popular sizes are 32 inches and 43 inches.

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Alexa Built-In TVs

If you have a TV with Alexa built-in feature, you don’t have to do anything extra like downloading the app or activating it.

All you need to do is set up the TV and then talk to Alexa and give commands for it to do.

It is a little bit easier to control Alexa on Alexa built-in TVs because, generally, these TVs already have a microphone embedded in them, and you don’t have to put in extra effort to download the software to your television.

Everything is already ready. If your television does not have a microphone, you need to buy a product like Amazon Echo for TVs that do not have Alexa built-in.

The Verdict

To conclude, Alexa-compatible TV means any TV that can work with Alexa.

You can download the app externally, or the TV will probably come with Alexa built-in to its system.

Both of these things have their advantages or disadvantages, but it is fairly better to have an Alexa built-in TV because you don’t have to worry about details like downloading the software or making sure the TV has a microphone that you can use the Alexa with.

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