What Is Android TV Box?

Wondering what is Android Tv Box? We got you!

If you own a television, chances are you already heard about different boxes that you can connect with your television to watch the content or do other stuff like surfing the web.

These boxes are increasing at high speed, and many manufacturers are making their own boxes.

However, the main operating system and the box they use is Android TV Box and its OS. We will examine Android TV Box and talk about its details.


What Is Android TV Box?

Android TV comes in two different shapes, either as a set-top box or a dongle like a USB that you can just plug into your TV.

Both of these shapes accommodate the same need, giving you the Android TV on your television.

The choice you make depends on what you want and how usable you think one will be.

That is why there is literally no difference at all between the Android TV box vs. its USB stick apart from their shapes.

With an Android TV box, you can run Android TV on your television, thanks to its operating system. This allows you to watch content, use Google Assistant, and connect devices.

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Android TV OS

What makes Android TV Box is the operating system behind it. All of them does is plug in Android TV OS into your television.

Android TV operating system is Android’s television-compatible version.

Many Android TV box manufacturers alter the Android TV OS to accommodate their devices like Amazon’s Fire TV.

However, if your TV is smart, you might find Android TV OS built-in instead of using the box or the USB.

Android TV Box Features

Android TV Box and the OS come with various features that allow you to do many things. Even though it is still highly limited, it gives you the most needed features.

  • Watch Content

With it, you’ll find Google Play Store to download applications, but since every programmer needs to change up the software to make it Android TV compatible, many small developer applications are not there.

But you can download and watch content from Netflix, YouTube, HBOGo, NBC, ABC, and many other major companies.

  • Chromecast Support

You can use Chromecast to directly cast to your television from your phone, tablet, or any device that you can use a browser with.

  • Google Assistant

If you have an Android TV Box, you will be able to use Google Assistant with it directly without any setup, but if you have the USB or a built-in Android OS, you need to activate it with your remote control.

  • Bluetooth

You can hook up laptops, keyboards, phones, or any other wireless device that has a Bluetooth connection to the Android TV you own.

However, it is worth noting that not every Android TV has Bluetooth, so you need to check that.

The Verdict

Android TV Boxes are becoming popular thanks to their operating systems. Many people are already using them in their homes through different manufacturers like Amazon.

It offers you the chance to watch content, cast directly to your television without any cable, or even use Google Assistant without doing anything else.

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