What Is Digital Control Panel?

While the technology behind air fryers remains the same (a flow of extremely hot air blown towards the food that is capable of cooking it and providing a taste similar to fried food) these devices are becoming more and more advanced in many different aspects.

For example, dual-zone air fryers are now available. Furthermore, we’re seeing fewer and fewer air fryers with mechanical controllers and more and more of them with a digital control panel. What is it? And what are the advantages?

What Is Digital Control Panel?

Key Takeaways

  • A digital control panel helps you control your air fryer’s operation.
  • A digital control panel lets you pick between preset programs or even create your own customized program.
  • It gives you more control of your device as compared to an Analog.
  • Fryers having a digital control panel requires you to be slightly more careful.

What Is A digital Control Panel?

digital Control Panel

A digital control panel is an electrical device that works like a system controller.

The digital panel regulates and controls the operation of the device, and the user can interact with it through buttons or a touch screen.

These kinds of controllers take the place of rotating adjusters through which you can regulate temperature and time.

With digital controllers, the parameters under your control can be much more. 1

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Advantages of Digital Control On Air Fryers

digital Control Panel advantages

1. More Adjustable Parameters

While with analog control, you could adjust time and temperature, with digital dashboards, there are much more options available.

When you use an air fryer, you want to regulate time and temperature, but with digital displays, you can also pick between preset programs or even create your own customized program.

2. Finer Adjustment

With a display and buttons (or touch screens) you can regulate time up to the second. The same goes for temperature: you can be more precise with digital buttons than with analog regulators.

3. Cleaner Aspect

Digital panels provide a cleaner aspect to the device. The design improves so that air fryers can be left on the kitchen counter as a kitchen tool even when they are not in use.

Limitations of Digital Control Feature

A digital panel adds an electronic component to the device. This can cause some limits:

  • The device can’t be wet
  • It’s hard to fix it when it’s broken,
  • There are more electrical components. Therefore, more things can malfunction.
  • Digital air fryers are more expensive.

However, analog air fryers share the same problems, and it’s not true that digital ones are less durable than analog air fryers.

On the contrary, because of technological development, digital panels are today very durable, so their limits are basically eliminated.

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Which one is Better: Analog Or Digital Control?

Digital control is considered better on air fryers. Furthermore, you’ll hardly find analog air fryers still on the market.

If you find one, you may save some money (maybe because it’s second-hand); still, it’s not always worth it if you can opt for a digitally controlled air fryer!


In this article on what a digital control panel is, we saw how the panel works, why it is necessary, compared it with an analog control panel, and also shared its advantages with you. We hope you found this useful.


What is the difference between a manual and a digital air fryer?

A manual air fryer and a digital air fryer differ in terms of the control panel and how you interact and use it for cooking easily.

Does air fryers require temperature control?

Yes, just like ovens, air fryers also require temperature control that allows you to cook food evenly and achieve different textures on the food.

What is the flipside of using air fryers?

You may take some time to get a hold of cooking in an air fryer because the air fryer uses high heat, which cooks the food faster, and if you are not careful, you may burn the food.

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