What Is Digital Crisp Technology?

Want to know what is Digital Crisp Technology? We got you!

Air fryers are becoming more and more popular and for some good reasons: they are cost-saving, they allow you to cook your food without messing the kitchen, and – so they say – they can fry your food without using any oil.

Many customers, however, are wondering how can a device fry something without using any oil, and we are here to answer this question.

What Is Digital Crisp Technology?
What Is Digital Crisp Technology?

Key Takeaways

  • With digital crisp technology, we are able to obtain a crisp effect without using any oil.
  • The non-use of oil does not alter the taste of food you cook in an air fryer.
  • Air fryer cooks your food using air.

Do Air Fryers Actually Fry Food?


Technically speaking, air fryers do not fry food… because they don’t use oil. If we take a cooking manual, we can learn that frying means to use a pan, fill it with oil, bring the oil to a certain temperature – that depends on the type of food you need to fry, but that is very high – and immerse the food into the oil so that its entire surface is covered by it.

With the traditional frying cooking method, you obtain a crispy external layer of the food that it’s obtained because that external layer has absorbed oil. 

As a consequence, when you eat fried food to are eating a lot of oil which is not good at all for your health.

Oil is basically entirely made of fat, and fats are bad for your weight, blood pressure, heart health…

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How Does an Air Fryer Cooks Food?

With air fryers, we can’t technically speak of frying because there is nothing of the frying process we’ve described above.

The cooking means of air fryers are just air (that’s where their name comes from). With this device, the air is heated at a high temperature and then blown into the cooking chamber.

Fans also let hot air circulates evenly within the chamber so that every surface of the food is touched by the same amount of air and heat. 

This is how food is cooked within an air fryer… so why are they called “fryers”?

Why Is it Known as “Air Frying”?


We speak of air frying because the crispy effect you obtain on the outer layer of the food with an air fryer is just the same as the one you can obtain with the traditional frying process.

This is what we mean when we speak about digital crisp technology: we are able to obtain a crisp effect without using any oil, but just by selecting a couple of options on a digital display.

With air fryers, you don’t need oil or any other additional ingredient: food preserves its original taste, and it’s not altered by the taste of oil (if you weren’t aware when you eat fried food and you enjoy it so much, you are enjoying the taste of oil sometimes more than the taste of the food itself!).

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Even though air fryers don’t technically fry food, the result they obtain is just as crispy as fried food but a lot healthier! We hope now you know what is Digital Crisp Technology and how it works.


What is a digital air fryer?

A digital air fryer comes with a LED display and has presets and other smart features like pre-heat, de-freeze, etc.

Can I use an air fryer for baking?

You cannot use it for baking items with wet batter, such as cakes, muffins, etc. However, you can bake dry items in it, such as donuts, fritters, etc.

What is air crisp technology in an air fryer?

The air crisp technology helps in achieving a crispy layer on the food by using and circulating hot air inside the fryer.

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