What Is Dual LED Quantum HDR Technology?

Television screening technologies are developing extremely fast, and one of these technologies is LED technology.

In addition to the LED technology itself, there are many different LED technologies that work with quantum, and you might have seen QLED or Quantum Dot technology with most of Samsung’s products.

All of these quantum-led HDR technologies are actually using Dual LED Quantum HDR technology.

This technology gives better colors and crispier visualization on the screens. We will examine what Dual LED Quantum HDR technology is and how it works.


What Is Dual LED Quantum HDR?

With the newest television screens, Dual LED Quantum HDR is becoming more and more common.

This technology is a quantum dot HDR technology, and quantum dots are way smaller particles than other LED technologies have.

There are more particles that take the place of pixels which are way bigger than quantum HDR particles.

In simpler terms, these quantum dot particles replace the pixels to provide a better screening experience with the display panels.

This allows for a much brighter image on the screen and gives better colors than SDR or other HDR technologies.

The producer of this technology is Samsung, and they are using this technology to provide a more realistic image on their screens.

They mostly work with QLED TVs and are of a superior resolution with better color accuracy and High Dynamic Range (HDR).

With televisions that work with Dual LED Quantum HDR technology, you can get better resolutions with brighter and more realistic colors.

The various size TVs available in Dual LED Quantum HDR Technology are 43 inches and 60 inches TV.

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How Does Dual LED Quantum HDR Work?

Quantum HDR LED technologies to have a quantum dot filter. It is an extremely tiny semiconductor particle that you can control the color output they have.

There are mostly red, green, and blue colors in the old TVs that we mostly have in our houses, and this technology changes these color filters.

The new filter, the Dual LED Quantum HDR, uses an aluminum compound to make these quantum dots more efficient that can give brighter colors and realistic views on the screen display of your television.

The Quantum dots in this Quantum HDR technology replaces the pixels we know of and works with quantum dot particles.

Pixels are way bigger than quantum dot particles, so there could be more quantum dot particles to match the color range and give out a better experience in the screening display.

What Is Quantum Dot?

Which Devices Have Dual LED Quantum HDR?

The owner of the Dual LED Quantum HDR technology is Samsung, so 99% of the time, you can see this technology with Samsung televisions.

There are a variety of versions within the Samsung family-like QLED, Neo-QLED, and so on.

All have different purposes, but all work with this technology with tiny tweaks to make it better.

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What Is The Difference Between Quantum HDR And HDR?

Difference Between Quantum HDR And HDR
  • Brightness: HDR allows the production of peak brightness, but quantum dots also preserve the picture details along with producing even more brightness. Quantum HDR allows you to see images so clear and bright that it feels like you are viewing a scenery right out of your window.
  • Colors: An HDR Tv definitely produces defined colors when compared to a standard tv. But quantum HDR technology tunes the colors more accurately and gives out natural colors. For example, when you look at a scene with a lot of colors, it will look good on an HDR TV, but on a quantum HDR TV, the screen would preserve color accuracy and luminance and will render a better life-like image.

The Verdict

In conclusion, Dual LED Quantum HDR technology is a new and developing technology that Samsung came up with for their televisions.

It replaces the pixels and uses quantum dot particles to provide better colors and a realistic screen display.

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Is OLED and Quantum LED the same?

OLED display allows better black levels, while Quantum LED allows higher color purity, so there is a difference between the two.

In fact, Quantum LED is able to produce 93% of the visible colors in nature, while it is only 75% for OLEDs.

What is better Quantum LED or 4K?

There is no winner in this case, as both offer different things that may appeal equally to different users.

Quantum Processor is energy efficient while 4K offers powerful processing capabilities, and so on.

Is Dual LED Quantum HDR worth it?

Yes, a Dual LED Quantum HDR tv preserves the luminance and colors in an image and produces life-like images unlike no other.

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