What Is Quarts Cooking Capacity In Air Fryer?

Do you want to know what is Quarts cooking capacity in Air Fryer? We got you!

If you decided to buy your first air fryer, you’ve just made an excellent choice. Air fryers can make you save money, make your food taste better, and above all, they bring an important benefit to your health: the possibility of reducing the number of oils in your diet.

There are some aspects that you want to evaluate when buying an air fryer, and one of them is its capacity.

However, many new buyers can be a little confused: air fryers’ capacity is measured in quarts. What are those?

Let’s find out together how to understand the capacity of air fryers.

What Is Quarts Cooking Capacity In Air Fryer?

What Is A Quart?

Quarts are a unit used for measuring capacity according to the British and Imperial US Customary Systems of Measurement. It is used to measure the capacity of both liquid and dry measures.

Quarts are used in the UK and US, but there is a distinction to be made: in the British system, one standard quart is equal to two imperial pints or one-fourth imperial gallon.

In the US system, instead, there are two units called quarts: one for liquids and one for dry measures.

So, the US liquid quart is equal to two liquid pints or one-fourth US gallon; a dry quart is equal to two dry pants or 1/32 bushel.

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What Is Kind Of Quart Used To Measure Air Fryers’ Capacity?

So, what about air fryers? Should you check where the Air fryer is made to understand what kind of unit they’ve used to define its capacity?

There is actually no need for doing so because one UK quart and one US dry quart are almost the same capacities (about 1.1 cubic cm, if you are more used to the decimal system). 

Small, Medium, And Large Air Fryers: Size Guide

Small Air Fryers

Air fryers with a capacity of 1 or 2 QT (quartz) are considered small. For example, you could cook two chicken breasts at once with this kind of air fryer.

If you live alone, this would be enough for you. If there are two of you in the house, a 2 or 3 QT air fryer can still be suitable, but for larger families, small air fryers won’t be enough to cook the meal for anyone in one go.

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Medium Air Fryers

Medium air fryers are suitable for small families or anyone who needs to cook a complete meal (for example, chicken and potatoes for two people). They have a capacity of 3 to 5 QT. 

These are the most common air fryers; you’ll find many brands and models available for this capacity.

Large Air Fryers

Large air fryers aren’t that common; they can have a capacity of 6 QT and up to 10 QT!

10 QT air fryers are very big; they can be used for events, backyard gatherings, and parties.


If you read this article, now it should be easier to understand what kind of air fryer capacity is most suitable for you!

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