What Is Rapid Air Circulation Technology?

Want to know what is Rapid Air Circulation Technology? We got you!

The technology behind air fryers is pretty much the same, but every brand has designed a peculiar technology with slightly different characteristics. 

In this article, we’ll dig deep into the Rapid air Circulation technology.


Key Takeaways

  • Rapid Air Technology cooks the food by circulating hot air around the food at high speed.
  • Air fryers can cook faster because they consume less energy.
  • Air fryers are automated.
  • The Rapid Air Technology in air fryers ensures your food is cooked evenly.

The Working Principle Rapid Air Technology


Rapid air technology was developed by a factory called APDS back when air fryers were in their first developmental stages.

The basics behind Rapid air circulation technology, also known as RUSH, is the one that is common to all air fryers: it involves the circulation of hot air all around the food and at a very high speed.

The high intensity of the circulation ensures that the hot air is evenly distributed so that the food can be cooked uniformly.

Of course, this technology involves the presence of a heating element: this is usually made from steel.

It also involves the presence of a fan that is responsible for blowing the hot air inside the cooking chamber and then maintaining the circulation of air at high speed. 1

What Makes Rapid Air Technology So Efficient?

Rapid air technology is particularly efficient for air fryers because it’s capable of optimizing all elements: 

  • The heating element on its own provides radiant heat.
  • There is also another form of heat that is produced from the bottom portion.

These two sources of hot air (the heated air from the heating element above the food and the convection heat produced below the food) ensure there is enough heated air to cook the food uniformly.

The small size of the air fryers’ cooking chamber also contributes to the fact that the heat is evenly distributed all around the food. 2

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Rapid Air Technology: Advantages

Rapid Air

Because of all the characteristics we’ve discussed just above, air fryers can provide the following advantages:

  • Air fryers can cook faster, and they are less energy-consuming when compared to traditional ovens.
  • Not only the food is cooked evenly, but you can also obtain that crispy outer layer on your food typical of fried food.
  • Air fryers are automated, so you don’t have to do anything. When you’ve placed the food inside the cooking chamber and selected the program, you can even go to another room.
  • You can cook your food without using any oil, which is an important advantage for your health.

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Can Rapid Air technology In Air Fryers Actually Fry Food?

Technically, no air fryers can’t fry food. But the result is so similar that we can speak about fried food. The taste is very similar, with that crispy outer layer, but there is no oil involved.

The food is actually enhanced because it isn’t covered by the taste of cooking oil.


Rapid Air Technology has changed the way we cook food and made our lifestyle healthier and easier.

We hope you found this article on what is Rapid Air Circulation technology useful and have understood the science behind the working principle of your air fryer.

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How is the heating element of an air fryer different from that of a microwave oven?

An air fryer has an in-built coil that produces heat which is then distributed by a fan inside the chamber.

On the other hand, a microwave has a tubular heating element that blows hot air using micro waves inside the oven. 3

What is healthier microwave or air fryers?

Air fryers are healthier and even more flexible when it comes to cooking a different variety of food.

Are air fryers worth buying?

It is worth buying if you are focused on healthy eating and if you do not have to cook for a lot of people on a daily basis.

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