What Is Speed Convection Fans?

Air fryers are devices that can cook your food thanks to hot air circulating inside the oven at high speed.

Despite the purchase that might require a small investment at the beginning, air fryers can make you save tons of money for several reasons.

In this article, we’ll figure out how air fryers work and what are the advantages.

What Is Speed Convection Fans?

High-Speed Convection Fans

The most peculiar feature of air fryers, and the one that allows cooking without the use the oil, is the fact that air circulates inside the cooking chamber at high speed, other than at a high temperature.

Common ovens are often equipped with convection fans: they are meant to let hot air circulate within the oven so that the food is uniformly cooked.

With air fryers, the principle might also be the same but is far more powerful.

First of all, air fryers are smaller than common ovens: it’s easier to get high temperatures within their chambers and let air circulate at a fast speed.

Second, air fryers are optimized to get the highest speed possible, thanks to the convection fans. 

With this system, hot air circulates inside the cooking chamber at the highest speed, and food can be cooked faster, creating a crispy layer that resembles the one you can obtain when you fry food and immerse it in oil.

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Air Fryers: Advantages

The system we’ve just described with high-speed convection fans allows for many advantages:

  1. The cooking is uniform. When you fry food in oil, you need to be careful to expose every side of the piece of food to the hot oil. With air fryers, the food is located inside a holed basket. The basket is made so that air circulate all around it – and therefore the food – so that every side is uniformly exposed to the heat.
  2. You don’t need any oil. Hot air circulating at high speed can cook food without the use of any oil. Other than letting you save money, this is a great advantage for your health: reducing the fats in your diet will lower your cholesterol levels, let you lose some weight, and improve your overall health.
  3. You can save money on your bills: with an air fryer, you can cook food far more quickly than with a traditional oven. This means that you’ll need less power, and you’ll end up saving a lot of money on your bills.
  4. Air fryers are very versatile: despite the name suggesting that you can only fry food with them, you can actually cook any kind of food. If your model allows you to regulate the speed of convection fans, you can use your new air fryer as an alternative to your oven.

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