What Is The Tree Service Business Insurance Cost?

If you searched for what is the tree service business insurance cost, then we should applaud you for taking the right steps to ensure that you and your business remain safe from any nasty situation.

The tree service business is risky and often involves accidents and damages done to you, your crew, or the owner, which is why getting tree service business insurance is important.


But did you know there are many kinds of policies that cover different things in tree service business insurance?

Don’t worry; we will fill you in with all the relevant information that you should have so that you can make a wise decision.

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Types Of Tree Service Business Insurance

Let us have a look at the various types of tree service business insurance cost:

1. General Liability Insurance for a Tree Service

This kind of insurance covers bodily injuries or damage done to third parties, such as bystanders or workers, in case they get injured on-site.

Although it is not compulsory for you to get this insurance, you can get sued for thousands of dollars in case something happens, so it is advised that you should get general liability insurance for tree service.

Most tree service companies insure themselves between $500,000-$2 million. On average, a tree service in America spends $400-$1,500 for a general liability insurance coverage of $1 million.

This type of insurance is best for:

  • Bodily injuries to customers
  • Damaged caused to property
  • Product liability insurance

2. Commercial Auto Insurance For a Tree Service

Commercial auto insurance covers your vehicles and your employees in the event of accidents or mishaps that may happen to them while working.

A tree service business has workers carrying equipment, tree branches, and other things from place to place all the time, and to save yourself from getting sued in case of any accidents or mishaps, it is important to have commercial auto insurance.

The average cost for commercial auto insurance range from $2,000-$5,000 a year.

This type of insurance is best for:

  • Damage to a property caused by your vehicle
  • Vandalism or theft of vehicles
  • Accidents or injuries

3. Workers Compensation Insurance For a Tree Service

In a tree service business, bodily injuries can occur anytime, owing to the risky nature of the job. A branch or tree may fall off; a worker may incur scrapes or cuts- which is very common.

You should know that your employees can sue you for injuries done to them. And even homeowners should make sure that the tree service they choose has workers compensation insurance.

Otherwise, even you might have to pay for their treatment. To avoid getting in such nasty situations, make sure you have Workers Compensation Insurance coverage of at least $1 million.

The average cost that a tree service business pays for this insurance is $5,000-$7,000 a year.

This type of insurance is best for:

  • Medical expenses of employee
  • Rehabilitation
  • Employee injury lawsuits
  • Medical equipment

4. Commercial Property Insurance For a Tree Service

If you have a warehouse or office space for your tree service business, then you should have commercial property insurance to cover your property and the expensive equipment or things you have kept inside it.

This insurance will be very beneficial to you in case of a storm, fire, etc., that may occur at your business property & you will get replacement or repair done for the same.

This type of insurance is best for:

  • Repair or replacement of equipment
  • Repair of your property

5. Arborist Professional Indemnity Insurance For a Tree Service

A client can sue you in case of any property damages or injuries done to them, if they are unsatisfied with your work, or if you leave the work unfinished.

An Arborist Professional Indemnity Insurance can save you in such events by paying for the lawsuit and by also paying for the compensation that the client may ask for.

Such lawsuits can be very expensive, and if you do not have this insurance, you might have to pay as high as $100,000 based on the severity of the incident.

Arborist insurance will cost you $32 per month or $384 a year on average for a year.

6. Tree Cutters Insurance For a Tree Service

This kind of insurance caters to tree cutters, specifically to those who may get injured while cutting down the tree.

You can couple this insurance along with commercial property insurance or with general liability insurance.

The best way to get the most out of it is by getting workers’ compensation insurance along with tree cutters insurance.

A combination of these two will also cover amputation and will ensure that your worker’s medical expenses, medicines, and rehabilitation costs are covered.

7. Contractor’s Tools And Equipment Insurance

This insurance covers the tools and equipment of your workers, such as gear, chainsaws, pesticide sprayers, pruners, and other tools.

However, this insurance is only applicable for tools that are small, less than five years old, and is used at the job site.

8. Tree Removal Insurance

This type of insurance caters to people who are involved in the removal and transfer of trees in a tree service business.

This insurance usually covers three kinds of policies- Professional liability insurance, General liability insurance, and Equipment breakdown coverage. Tree Removal Insurance starts with a policy limit of $2 million.

9. Business Owner’s Policy For a Tree Service

Getting a Business Owner’s Policy insurance is a great way to save money and to get a combination of two insurance- commercial property insurance and general liability coverage.

This insurance covers customer injuries, damaged or stolen equipment or tree service tools, and also damaged customer property.

10. Tree Trimming Insurance

This insurance covers three kinds of policies: general liability insurance, commercial property insurance, and professional indemnity insurance.

This insurance takes care of property damage, lawsuits for personal injuries, commercial property, etc.

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Tree Service Business Insurance Cost

Let us have a look at the Tree Service Insurance Cost for various policies for a coverage of $1 million.

  • General Liability Insurance for a Tree Service costs $25.83 a month or $309.96 a year.
  • Commercial Auto Insurance for a Tree Service costs $50 a month or $600 a year.
  • Workers Compensation Insurance for a Tree Service costs $28 per $100 of wages.
  • Commercial Property Insurance for a Tree Service costs $33.33 a month or $400 a year.
  • Arborist Professional Indemnity Insurance for a Tree Service costs $32 per month or $384 a year.
  • Tree Cutters Insurance for a Tree Service costs $43 a month or $516 a year.
  • Tree Removal Insurance for a Tree Service costs $27.83 a month or $334 a year.
  • Tree Trimming Insurance for a Tree Service costs $48 a month or $576 a year.

How Can I Get Tree Service Business Insurance?

It is very easy to get tree service business insurance. You will need to provide some details such as the number of employees you have, the nature of the business, revenue, etc.

You can get insurance in three easy steps:

  • Go to a tree service business insurance provider & fill out an online application form or do this offline.
  • Choose among the various policy options, read the terms and conditions, and get the insurance quote.
  • Now pay for your policy, and that’s it.

Wrap Up

You know what they say? Prevention is better than cure, and this holds especially true when you own a business as risky as a Tree service one.

Because of the complexity of the job in this business, we suggest you get insurance as soon as possible to avoid getting into monetary trouble.

We hope this guide on what is the tree service business insurance cost was useful for you.


What is the basic difference between general liability insurance & business insurance?

Business insurance is a general term used to describe the various kinds of insurance that a business might need, whereas general liability insurance is a very specific type of insurance with business insurance.

Does insurance cover everything?

Insurance does not necessarily cover everything; there are always some terms and conditions attached to it.

We suggest you to read your insurance document carefully to get an idea of what it covers and doesn’t.

Will homeowner pay for any damage done to their property?

If you have insurance coverage, then you will not have to pay for damages done to your client’s property.

And also, we suggest you ask your client whether they have home owners insurance or not to cover the cost of damages that may accidentally incur to their property.

Is it necessary to have an Tree service insurance?

A tree service business is a very risk job, and any kind of mishaps may occur to your crew or your client for which they can sue you, and the money that you will have to spend then will be really painful. So we suggest you get yourself insurance.

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