What Is THINQ AI & Is It Worth It?

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Many different artificial intelligence technologies help you use your technological devices more efficiently and sometimes only with your voice by giving a few commands.

Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant are two examples of a pool of many AI technology. One of those technologies that only recently came out into the markets is THINQ AI by LG.

So it helps you to navigate your television or mobile phone via voice commands. We will see what THINQ AI is.



THINQ AI is an Artificial Intelligence technology that uses a Natural Language Processing engine that helps the AI understand what you are saying by translating it into semantic language.

This way, you can talk and give a command to the THINQ AI technology and also use your television without having to hold a remote control in your hand.

It is a fairly new technology that came out in 2018, and in only 2019, the AI started to understand other languages.

THINQ AI helps you to control compatible smart home devices just with your voice, and also you don’t even need to connect to the internet as it works offline.

The compatible devices with THINQ AI are Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

So you can connect most of the smart technology devices and allow for this THINQ AI technology to handle everything with your command.

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Which Devices Have THINQ AI?

Which Devices Have THINQ AI

While you are learning about THINQ AI, it is important to know that THINQ AI technology is a technology that LG found, and only LG devices use THINQ AI.

Even with LG devices, not all of their televisions or mobile phones have this technology as it is a new developing technology, and only devices that came out in the last two or three years within the LG family have THINQ AI technology.

Some mobile phones that have THINQ AI technology are G8X, G7, v40, and G8s.

But make sure that the name of the mobile phone includes THINQ, like “LG ThingQ G7 Plus” is the full name for the LG G7 model with this technology.

What Can You Do with THINQ AI?

THINQ AI is capable of doing many different things within its software.

So by giving a single command to it, you can open up a movie you want from your favorite actor, browse TV channels, see the weather information, and check sports match scores.

All you need to do is to use your voice and give it a command for it to work.

For the THINQ AI to understand your command, you need to have the LG Magic Remote, which has the microphone and the technology in it to make it work.

LG AI Speakers

Just like how you ask your LG AI tv to do things for you, you can even ask your LG AI speakers to play music for you.

Voice-enabled LG speakers use the same AI ThinkQ technology, using which you can give voice commands to your speaker and ask it to turn on the AC for you, or to read the news to you, etc.

It can also give important reminders related to important meetings, birthdays, deadlines, etc.

LG Smart Devices

You can turn your home into a smart home by using LG ThinQ. You can manage, remote control, and schedule so many LG devices with a single click of a button or by voice command.

You can connect everything using your LG ThinQ app. You can preheat the dishwasher, listen to weather forecasts or recipes, adjust and control the room temperature, etc.

You can even control your vacuum cleaner to clean your house and set daily cleaning schedules and reminders, among many other things. 

How To Control LG THINQ AI TV With THINQ App?

The Verdict

In conclusion, THINQ AI is an artificial intelligence technology like Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa that help you to navigate your television or mobile phone with voice command.

You can watch movies, browse TV channels, searching something on Google with just a couple of commands.

THINQ AI is an LG technology, so only LG devices have this technology.

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What is the difference between ThinQ and AI ThinQ?

AI ThinQ is the same as ThinQ and is just a name that LG has given to its 2018 Super UHD TVs and OLED TVs.

What is the difference between SmartThinQ and ThinQ?

Although both the names sound similar, SmartThinQ is not an AI technology. SmartThinQ was launched in 2012 and can be found in LG’s home appliance Wi-Fi-enabled products.

For example, you can use SmartThinQ to control or to get updates on your devices, such as a robot vacuum cleaner, etc. 

Does LG AI ThinQ tv comes with Google Assistant?

Yes, LG AI ThinkQ tv comes with Google Assistant and even built-in Alexa, and they are the most advanced intelligent TVs in the market today. 

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