What Is TruMotion 120 & How Does It Work?

Screen display technologies are changing at an extreme pace, and it is hard to catch up with them most of the time.

However, some technologies are embedded in every TV that a brand makes because it fixes a major issue, like the wobble you sometimes see on your screen.

LG developed a technology recently that helps to match the refresh rate with the FPS of an image if there is a difference.

TruMotion technology helps to manage this issue, and we will talk about what TruMotion 120 technology is.


What Is TruMotion 120 Technology?

TruMotion is a technology that the LG brand came up with for their televisions. Only LG televisions have TruMotion technology, and it is a completely original technology by LG.

The main idea behind TruMotion 120 is to improve the quality of the picture you see on your screen display.

TruMotion improves the quality by an artificial increase in the smoothness of the screen display.

TruMotion allows LG televisions to work with refresh rates up to 100, 200, and even 400.

Along with increasing the refresh rate of the screen display, TruMotion also responds faster to color changes, making the display more realistic while watching something.

TruMotion 120 is the 120 refresh rate version of this technology, and it works differently than a traditional 120 Hz television on the market.

Easy explanation shared by Reddit users:

Trumotion 120 (native 60hz) LGTV on series s set to 120hz
by u/Legitimate-Tutor5462 in xbox

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How Does TruMotion 120 Technology Work?

How Does TruMotion 120 Technology Work

TruMotion technology is essentially a motion smoothing technology.

Normally, if the refresh rate of television becomes higher than the FPS of the video you are watching, the screen display shakes, creating a weird motion on the screen.

TruMotion is the technology to block this out and smoot the motion when this happens.

TruMotion technology analyzes the screen and also the motion of the objects on your screen display, and by that analysis, the technology adds an extra layer of frames and adds these frames in between the already existing frames to reduce the shake effect you see on normal televisions.

The technology spots the objects that are moving on the screen thanks to the data it analyzes and sharpens them to generate these new frames. It also makes the image it analyzes better by removing the blur.

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Which Devices Have TruMotion 120?

As we mentioned above, TruMotion is a technology that belongs to LG. They developed this technology, and only they use it on their products.

So this means that only LG televisions have TruMotion 120. All new LG technologies have this technology, and you can activate or disable it by your choice.

If you are not using a very old LG television, your LG television likely has this technology.

It is worth noting that as of now, only televisions have this technology and no other LG technological device has TruMotion.

The Truth About Refresh Rates

On What Basis is TruMotion Index Given To LG Tv?

TruMotion 100 or TruMotion 120

Entry-level TVs that support images of 60 Hz frequency; TVs that lie in the mid-range price segment are assigned TruMotion 100 or TruMotion 120 index.

Cheap displays are not assigned this index because such TVs do not allow you to watch videos at 120 Hz.

TruMotion 200 Or TruMotion 240

TVs with modern screens that can support 120 frames per second are given TruMotion 200 Or TruMotion 240 index. The video appears visually pleasing when the output frequency is higher.

When Should I Turn On LG’s TruMotion Feature?

You should turn on LG’s TruMotion feature, especially when you are watching sports such as cricket or football, as this feature makes it easy to trace fast-moving objects.

However, we do not recommend you use it while watching films as this feature works quite the opposite when it comes to films and may ruin the movie director’s intent by creating a soap opera effect.

TruMotion On Vs. Off

All You Need To Know About TruMotion

All You Need To Know About TruMotion

Here are answers to all the popular questions concerning LG TruMotion:

1. What is the diference between smooth and clear Tru Motion?

Clear TruMotion delivers smooth video and text whereas smooth TruMotion delivers more pronounced video and text quality.

2. What is the difference between motion rate and TruMotion?

Motion rate refers to the number of objects that are moving per unit at a time. Whereas TruMotion refers to the object’s speed at a given point in time.

3. Is TruMotion 120 and 120 Hz the same thing?

TruMotion 120 is a marketing term that does not refer to a specific refresh rate. However, many TVs that display TruMotion 120 are actually capable of displaying the same.

It is always better to ask the retailer about the same before you purchase a tv based on the marketing term “TruMotion 120.”

4. Is a higher refresh rate better?

It is definitely better in terms of quality, but in most cases, a casual viewer can’t tell the difference between the two, so we do not think it is necessary to buy a tv having a higher refresh rate.

The Verdict

To sum it up, TruMotion is a motion smoothing technology that removes the wobble you see on your display screen from time to time.

It generates new frames to fill the holes between the difference in the refresh rate and a video’s FPS.

While generating these frames, it smooths the image you see by putting these frames in between them.

TruMotion 120 is the 120 Hz version of the TruMotion technology, and only LG uses this technology as they developed it.

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Do all the LG TVs come with TruMotion technology?

All new versions of LG tv come with this technology, but if your LG tv model it too old, then it might not have this technology.

Should TruMotion be turned off or on?

When you turn on the TruMotion feature, you can see a visible difference in clarity and vividness, especially when you are watching something that has a lot of dynamic scenes. So turning it on or off depends entirely.

How to disable LG TruMotion option?

To disable the LG TruMotion option, follow these steps:

  • Go to Picture Menu> Picture Mode Settings> Picture options.
  • Here you will find the option to disable the LG TruMotion option; you can simply select it to turn it off.
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