What Is TurboStar Technology?

Air fryers are becoming more and more popular. With their popularity, their development is also becoming faster and faster.

One of the last pieces of news about air fryers is the TurboStar technology introduced by Philips.

What Is TurboStar Technology?

Key Takeaways

  • Turbostar is a technology that lets hot air circulate uniformly inside the cooking chamber.
  • Using this technology, you can obtain the best quality of cooking.
  • Turbostar is best for cooking crispy food and uniform cooking.
  • Air fryers having this technology are a bit expensive.

What Is Turbostar?

TurboStar is the name Philips gave to the system they use for their air fryers. In particular, this system lets hot air circulate uniformly inside the cooking chamber of the air fryer. 

With the air circulating all over, and the food positioned in a peculiar way, all food is uniformly exposed to constant and circulating heat.

According to Philips, with this system, you can obtain the best quality of cooking. Is that so?

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The Pros & Cons of Turbostar Technology


  • The TurboStar technology is effective in letting you cook your food and obtain that crispy layer typical of fried food without using any oil (or a very small quantity, like… less than a tablespoon!).
  • Thanks to the TurboStar technology, you can obtain uniform cooking, even better than actual frying. When you fry food, you need to immerse it in oil and make sure that every side is uniformly exposed. Other than requiring a lot of oil, with this method, it isn’t always easy to obtain a uniform result. With Philips air fryers equipped with TurboStar technology, all you need to do to obtain a uniform result is place your food in the cooking chamber and turn the device on.
  • Air fryers equipped with the TurboStar technology aren’t suitable only for “air frying”: they are very versatile, and you can cook your food in many ways. When you purchase one of these air fryers, you also get tons of recipes that you use or take inspiration from.


Air fryers equipped with this technology don’t have any real cons. The only disadvantage that you may experience is related to their price.

Air fryers can cost $100 or more. They are a bit expensive but, in the long term, they actually determine money saving.

You end up saving money because you use less oil for your cooking and because you’ll be able to cook your food more quickly: your air fryer needs to stay on for a shorter time compared to your oven or stove so that you end up saving on your bills.

Are Air Fryers With TurboStar Technology Worth It?

Yes, air fryers with TurboStar technology are totally worth it, even because they aren’t more expensive than other brands’ air fryers.

However, other brands’ air fryers can cook food just as well as Philips ones.

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The turbostar technology of Philips lets hot air circulate uniformly inside the cooking chamber so that you can make the best quality food.

If you want the best cooking results with an air fryer, then you can definitely consider buying a Turbostar technology air fryer. We hope you found this article helpful.


Are air fryers healthier?

Yes, air fryers are healthier options as compared to cooking or frying food using the traditional method because that way, your food is more oily.

Is it possible to re-heat food in an air fryer?

Yes, you can re-heat the food in an air fryer.

Are air fryers suitable for heating coffee or tea?

No, you cannot heat coffee or tea in an air fryer because the heat inside the fryer is circulated around the food.

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