What Plumbing Work Can Be Done Without License?

When there is a problem with your house’s plumbing, you might think that you can easily fix that problem without the need of a professional since it seems easy, and even though some things are easy to fix, not all plumbing work is the same as some need expertise or even license to operate on even if it is your own house.


The requirements for this depend on the state you are in because some states might require a license for something but some states might not.

However, there is a couple of plumbing work that you can do without a license in nearly every state, and this article will seek to explore those.

Key Takeaways

  • You can replace showerheads, floor grates & water filter, get a new toilet seat, connect or replace your washing machine hoses, fixing a leaky faucet or a clogged drain, etc. without a license.
  • You cannot do bathroom renovations of its plumbing systems, install a hot water heater, replace the pipes inside your house, or carry out other complicated work without a license.

The Dangers Of Working Without License

The first thing you need to know before learning about the plumbing work you can do without any license is the dangers that you are facing when you do plumbing work without the necessary license.

Even though there are many things to cover, the two most important things are that the plumbing work you do might not be good for inspections, and it might create health hazards for you and for those living in the house.

Since you are not licensed, you might not be aware of what an inspection requires with your work, and if you fail to hold up to these requirements, you might face legal and financial penalties that could create massive problems for your budget and house altogether.

In addition to that, if someone catches you doing a plumbing job that requires a license without a license, you might get penalties for that, too.

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Works Without License

There are some simple plumbing jobs that do not require a license in the majority of the states, but it is worth knowing that some states might still require you to hold a plumbing license to do some of these jobs or some other jobs that a couple of states allows doing without a license.

You can replace showerheads, get a new toilet seat, replace your floor grates and water filter, connect or replace your washing machine hoses, fixing a leaky faucet or a clogged drain.

Other works that can be done without a license include installing new fixtures, such as toilets and sinks.

Additionally, unlicensed plumbers can also install new pipes and fittings.

However, it is important to note that unlicensed plumbers cannot work on gas lines or perform any type of work that requires a permit.

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Works With License

Complicated plumbing jobs require a license, and if you do these jobs without a license, you might get a penalty if authorities catch you.

These complicated jobs include bathroom renovations of its plumbing systems, installing a hot water heater, replacing the pipes inside your house, and other complicated works.

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The Verdict

To conclude, plumbing might seem easy when you look from the outside, and some plumbing jobs are indeed easy, like replacing showerheads or things that do not need renovation altogether; these jobs do not require a license, and you can do them without a license.

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However, not every work can be done without a license; some plumbing work needs a plumbing license that requires you to be an expert on the topic so that you can live up to everything that legality needs for inspections and for health concerns.

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