Where To Place The Air Purifier?

Doubtful about where to place the Air Purifier? We got you!

If the quality of the air you’re breathing has become your concern recently, you are not making a mistake.

It’s well known that the levels of pollution are increasing all around the world (the bigger cities are the most exposed) and that it is related to the development of many health diseases.

When you are concerned about an issue, of course, you start finding solutions.

When it comes to air pollution, on one side, you may start changing your behavior so that you don’t contribute to the problem; on another side, and you try to improve the quality of the air you breathe… when and where you can.

In other words, you need an air purifier

When it comes to purchasing the first air purifier, many people start researching filters, particle sizes, and energy efficiency, but what about the “where”: where should you put your air purifier to optimize its effects?

Where To Place The Air Purifier?

Where Should You Put Your Air Purifier?

Let’s say you’ve just purchased an air purifier, or you want to purchase one: where should you put it? Or would one device be enough?

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Which Room?

The first thing you should consider is that you should put your air purifier where you spend most of your time. 

When people think of where they spend their time, they usually only consider where they spend their time when they are awake, and they forget that they spend 8 hours a day in their bedrooms.

So, yes, one of the most suitable places to put your air purifier in the bedroom.

If you spend most of your day at home, you can move the air purifier and locate it where you spend the day may be working from home.

But if you have an external office where you need to go every day, then having another air purifier there would be excellent!

Which Spot Of The Room?

The spot of the room where an air purifier would be most effective is near the opening: windows or door.

The ideal would be to keep the windows closed and place the air purifier near the door. This way, pollutant particles or other types of harmful molecules would never reach you.

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Clean Your Indoor Air: Does It Make Any Sense?

Many people wonder if it makes sense to improve the quality of their indoor air; after all, after their day at work or after the night, they need to step into the outer world and inhale pollutants.

Well, breathing good air for many hours per day can improve the quality of your life and health very effectively, even though you are exposed to pollution when you step out of the house or office.

Your aim should be not to remove 100% of pollutants around you but to reduce your exposure to them.

It is the continuous exposition to a harmful pollutant that causes disease: if we reduce our exposition, we are effective in improving our life quality and preventing diseases.

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