Why Temperature Sensor Is Important In Air Fryer?

Want to know why Temperature Sensor is important in Air Fryer? Keep reading!

Air fryers can seem unbelievable devices: they can fry food without using oil! They do anything on their own!

You don’t need to check the temperature or change the position of food in the cooking chamber like you sometimes do when you use the oven.

The truth is that, despite they may look like simple devices, air fryers are very advanced.

In this article, we’ll break down how they work and, especially, how they allow you to turn the device on and let it cook the food without the need to constantly check it!


Key Takeaways

  • Air fryers use high temperatures and a high-speed fan that rotates the heat inside the oven.
  • Inside the air fryer, the food is kept in a holed basket that ensures heat reaches every corner for even cooking.
  • Air fryers are equipped with a temperature sensor, so you do not need to check your food anytime.

The Working Principle Behind An Air Fryer


As you certainly already know, air fryers don’t use any oil. Just like the name suggests, their cooking mean isn’t oil but air.

In particular, the air is heated at a very high temperature and then blown inside the cooking chamber through powerful fans.

Fans are also responsible for letting the air circulate evenly within the chamber.

With this method, not only the food is cooked uniformly, but it’s also possible and easy to obtain a crispy effect on the outer surface of the food, which is what you usually obtain (and love) when you traditionally fry your food (that’s why they are called “fryers” because the final results closely resemble fried food!).

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Do I need to Change the Position of the Food in an Airfryer?


When you cook your food inside an oven, or when you use another cooking device (like a pan, for example), if you want to obtain an even cook, you need to change the position of the food so that every surface is evenly exposed to the same amount of it.

With air fryers, there is no need of doing do and for two reasons:

  • In the cooking chamber, the food is located in a holed basket so that hot air can reach any spot of it
  • Air constantly circulates evenly in the chamber thanks to the fans.

Why You Don’t Need To Check The Temperature?

Once you set up the temperature or the cooking option, you don’t have to do anything more.

Air fryers are equipped with a temperature sensor that constantly reads the temperature within the cooking chamber.

The air fryers are, of course, designed to respond to the information that comes from the heating sensor: when the temperature lowers down, it provides more heat; when the temperature reaches the wanted value, it stops heating the air.

This also contributes to obtaining even cooking of the food and prevents burning it.

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Temperature sensors are an essential component of air fryers. When these devices stop working fine, it can be because of a misfunction of this little but important piece.

Lucky for us, temperature sensors are easy to be replaced, and they are not expensive at all!

We hope you liked this article on why temperature sensor is important in Air Fryer.

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Do air fryers consume a lot of energy?

The energy consumption of an air fryer depends on which brand you have chosen, among other few factors. Typically an air fryer consumes 1.4-1.7 kWh of energy per hour.

Why is pre-heating the air fryer important?

When you pre-heat the air fryer, the hot air accumulated in it helps in removing the moisture from the food right when you put it into the air fryer. This helps the food to achieve a crispy layer quickly with further cooking.

What is the temperature setting in an air fryer?

The temperature setting in an air fryer is typically between 170°F-550°F.

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