Windows Emulator For Mac In 2022

Using the windows app on Mac seems impossible, but it is achievable. There is a bridge between using an app designed for one operating system to be used in another.

This surprising bridge is known as an emulator. Mac is easy to as well as it has a better privacy policy and is being used by professionals and student bodies.

So, if someone is using a mac and encounter a task in which the windows app is necessary to be used, then to do this task, you must have to download the windows emulator in your Mac.

If you are looking for a windows emulator, you are at the right place. We will discuss downloading Windows 10 on a mac with a free emulator.

Windows Emulator For Mac
Windows Emulator For Mac

We can use different operating systems within the already installed OS through a VirtualBox. It is free software.

You will download and set up Windows operating system on your Mac by having this. So, on Mac, you can easily run the applications and software of windows OS.

In short, without any harm caused and any damage to your operating system, you can have an opportunity to use the applications of windows OS on your Mac.

It is the biggest application of VirtualBox. The outstanding feature of VirtualBox is that it is an open-source license software.

Open-Source license software means that you can customize it based on what you want and for your virtual machine’s better performance and execution.

The main characteristics of VirtualBox are mentioned below,

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Guest Additions

Windows Emulator For Mac Guest Additions
Windows Emulator For Mac Guest Additions

Guest Addition is an extraordinary feature in VirtualBox that has improved the host and guest structure.

The operating system can be optimized through system application and drivers for better utilization and performance, taking example, sharing any folder maximizing the screen resolution up to 64,000 x 64,000.

There is also an option of multiscreen that can add beauty to your operating system.

Remote Display

Windows Emulator For Mac Remote Display
Windows Emulator For Mac Remote Display

VirtualBox represents that you can remotely view your screen from another machine.

It means that the virtual machine will be working on a PC, and it is being shown through another PC’s monitor.

A notable feature of remotely displaying in VirtualBox is that you can have an option to control your virtual machine through the second computer. 

After discussing the benefit of VirtualBox, we will discuss how to download it to Mac to run Windows 10.

Step 1

In the First Step, you have to install Windows 10 Disk Image. It is not a matter of worry if you do not have a Windows 10 license because this is free of cost and a straightforward step.

So, you will need to trace the link of Windows 10 ISO from the link given below 

Before moving to the next step, ensure that you have downloaded the Windows Installer from renowned and official sources.

Step 2

After you are done with the first step, you are required to have a visit to the VirtualBox website.

From there DMG file is present, and you have to download it. After successfully downloading the file, you must double-click this file and install the virtual box.

Step 3:

Remote Display - Step 3
Remote Display – Step 3

As VirtualBox is installed, the next task is to create a virtual machine. Doing this is not too difficult. Here creating a virtual machine is discussed in detail.

So, you have to run the VirtualBox on your Mac. Please tap on the click option in the program window as our main goal is to install windows ten on Mac.

So, in this step, we will determine the memory of computers. For Windows 10, only 2GB is required. This step is also clarified through the pictures given below,

After assigning the memory, tap on the “Next” option, and you are good to go. It will make a new hard disk space for the VM (Virtual Machine).

There will be an option of “Create a Virtual Hard Disk Now,” After it, VMDK (Virtual Machine Disk) select these options.

For Windows 10, the size of your hard disk is recommended between 50 GB to 100 GB depending upon the specification of your machine.

Step 4

Remote Display - Step 4
Remote Display – Step 4

After successfully installing a virtual machine on Mac, you will see respective settings. After selecting the DVD icon under the Storage icon, including the Windows 10 image file.

Click on the Display tab to enable 3D acceleration if it is not enabled.

Step 5

Remote Display - Step 5
Remote Display – Step 5

Pressing on the green button of the virtual box console will result in the start of a new virtual PC.

The setup will be booted by the ISO file you had created earlier, and the installation of windows will be started.

It is not a bit different from the PC method, and it will take half an hour to set it completely.

Following the wizard instructions, you can easily complete the setup. The new virtual PC with Windows 10 operating system will be fully functional.

Step 6

Remote Display - Step 6
Remote Display – Step 6

As you are done with the installation, go to VirtualBox and install the Guest Extension. 

Start your virtual machine. Got to the device menu tab to Install the “Guest Extension” feature. After it, Wizard will open and follow the further guideline from the setup wizard.

At last, you will be pleased to read that you had successfully installed Windows on your Mac. This will allow you to run any built-in Windows application on your Mac. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do we need to install an emulator?

The applications and software designed for one operating system can not be used in another operating system. Emulators were introduced to ease users’ applications without any problem between the operating systems.

Which Is The Best Windows Emulator For Mac?

The best windows emulator, in my opinion, is a VirtualBox because it is an Open Source-License software that the users, upon their need, can customize.

Is VirtualBox Is Safe To Use?

Yes, it is guaranteed that virtual box is hundred percent safe to use. By this, you can download another operating system and use it as a virtual machine. If you are going to download an operating system from an illegal website, there are chances of having viruses on your PC.

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