Witcher Season 3 Release Date

These days, the Witcher series is truly a valley of abundance. Between the anime prequel and the other spinoffs now in development, Andrzej Sapkowski’s universe appears to be expanding by the day.

Of course, everyone’s attention is on Henry Cavill’s flagship program, and this is not only because Geralt is attractive.

The good news about Witcher is that Netflix has already stated there will be a season three, even before season two.

People have been wondering about the Witcher season 3 release date since the announcement, and we will try to answer this question.


The Cast Of Witcher Season 3

Season three will include Henry Cavill with our favorite characters who have helped make the show what it is.

If you’ve seen Season 2 to the conclusion, you’ll know that Ciri’s father, Emhyr, comes back from the grave.

If the foreboding season two finale is any indication, actor Bart Edwards will play a key part in season three’s Big Bad.

Expect to see people from this fight, including mages, resurface when the relationship between Nilfgaard and the elves becomes tighter.

As a result, Mimi Ndiweni (Fringilla), Media Simson (Francesa), Mahesh Jadu (Vilgefortz), and MyAnna Buring (Tissaia) are all likely to return for season three.

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Witcher Overview

Web SeriesWitcher
Upcoming SeasonSeason 3
GenreAdventure, Drama, Fantasy, and Action Fiction
Season 2 Rating8/10  On IMDB
Season 3 Release DatePossibility in late 2022 or early 2023

Witcher Season 3 Release Date

Season two of The Witcher’s release was almost precisely two years after the first, owing to COVID delays and Henry Cavill’s on-set injuries.

For the time being, TV productions appear to be moving almost as swiftly as they were before the epidemic; thus, barring any more delays, we predict season three to premiere in late 2022 or early 2023.

That is, of course, subject to change. However, for an exact release date, we have to wait for an official release date.

Previous Witcher Season 2 Review

The fundamentals are straightforward in season 2. Geralt of Rivia (Henry Cavill), a genetically enhanced monster hunter, is now the worried adoptive father of Cirilla (Freya Allan), a princess in exile with a strange lineage that grants her remarkable abilities that no one entirely comprehends.

Ciri, as she is known, is still driven by grief and wrath over the events of the first season, when the invading empire of Nilfgaard laid siege to her home, the Kingdom of Cintra, slaughtering her family and coming dangerously close to capturing her.

Ciri wants her vengeance, and she believes she can only get it by becoming a Witcher.

Previous Witcher Season 2 Rating On IMDB

Witcher season 2 was a major hit both in terms of viewership and also for the fanbase who absolutely loved the season.

You can also see it on IMDB as season two has an average 8-star rating out of 10, with around 70 thousand people voting on it.

Where Can You Watch Witcher Season 2?

Witcher is a Netflix production TV show, and that is why the show is only available to watch on Netflix, and no other digital streaming service can stream it.

What Can Happen Next In Witcher Season 3?

Following the dramatic end of season two, the following episodes in season 3 will mostly focus on Ciri’s fate as a world-destroyer, or possibly a savior, if there will ever be a season four.

Many forces are assembling to use the princess’s power for their gain, including Ciri’s own father, but she now has Geralt and Yennefer at her side.

When To Expect A Teaser Of Witcher Season 3?

Since there is no production so far and not even an official release date, there are no trailers right now, or there is no date for a trailer.

However, we can expect a trailer when there is a release date, and we are within six months of that date.

The Verdict

Witcher is a massive universe with different shows, games, and other things that make the universe a whole.

It has a solid fanbase and a great story behind it, and that is why it is a great idea to put this into a show.

Fans absolutely loved the first two seasons, and now they are looking forward to seeing the third season, which could be another great season.

Frequently Asked Question

Is it possible to see an early Witcher season 3 release date?

Witcher season three production didn’t even start yet, and Netflix didn’t even approve anything, so it is a long shot.

Could there be a cancellation for the Witcher season 3 release date?

Cancellation is probably out of the picture because Netflix already approved the new season.

Is a delay possible with the Witcher season 3 release date?

There could be a delay as COVID has already delayed the season 2 release several times, but another delay for season three is unlikely because COVID restrictions are over.

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